Why is URF or AURF the only game mode that gets brought back?

Does anyone else hate URF? Does anyone else wish the rotating game mode would actually be a rotating game mode? What the hell happened to Nexus Blitz, Ascension, All for One, Doom Bots, (paste other game type here). URF is filled with tryhards that watched a YouTuber play something broken on URF. It's not about having fun and experimenting with new champions anymore. The only way to play the game is to pick the busted champs that everyone else is playing or play something you think might be fun and get dumpstered the entire game. Atleast AURF allowed us to play against different champions. Anyway my point is that URF is an overrated game type and I'm sure most of us would rather see one of the other game types brought back. Maybe allow URF to be playable in custom games.
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