A couple of champions need aram specific changes

I know that its not everyone main game mode , and nor will the changes affect a large part of the community or the ladder itself , but Corki , Shy and Kindred all have mechanics that limit their kits and power budget in aram matches. Corki's package delivery system is timed for summoners rift , where matches are much longer and he has more chances to use it well. On Aram however , the 8 minute wait is more often then not , a unfair one , and the fact that you don't back in aram unless you die , make it even worse. Shys passive on aram is literarily you have 5 more MR and Armor , have fun with that. And Kindred doesn't have any jungle creeps to mark and the cooldown to change or mark a new target is still the same , making it much harder for them to acquire the marks which is what they are balanced around
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