Shaco Mains: wow our champion was gutted, literally unplayable

Also Shaco Mains: Shaco didn't even have to build a jungle item, he still was able to contest and split push, one shot, and do whatever he pleased. It's just CRAZY how I have to literally torture myself playing Ryze at 300% effort but I wont EVER be able to do as much as other champions. No, I will not play other champions because I think Ryze is very good. I am not the best myself but a fucking Silver 1 Shaco main with 61% win rate OVER 100 GAMES. I have nearly 400 games on Ryze at 46% win rate and I'm Gold 4. And actually, I only climbed into Gold by playing Twisted Fate. I'm just fucking tired of it man, I'm tired of assassins being good and when they're bad they just split push and farm up and one shot. I'm tired of bruisers being good, they just split push if behind and are able to 1v1 anyone. I'm tired of Kai'sa being good patch after patch. She's nearly played every single FUCKING GAME in LCS. Rageblade nerfs didn't do anything to her or Master Yi. Everyone complains about tank meta but have you seen a tank split push or one shot squishies? Tank meta enforced team work but this fucking shit we are in now allows people to play League of Legends: RPG game. I can SHIT on my laner but the second I leave my tower to help my team, boom my tower is gone because it's squishy, boom my laner gets ahead in CS, boom they split push until THEY FEEL like fighting. Huge issue with Irelia is she fights when she feels like it. She can engage whenever because her CD are low, she has damage mitigation, healing, conqueror, damage amplification etc. When I play Ryze I literally have to wait for them to use their abilities before going in but with everything being such low CD I can't do shit. Thanks Riot, you've made Ryze unplayable and undesirable in LCS games. He's not even being picked anymore.
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