Can we acknowledge that they have been moving in the right direction in some areas?

You guys wonder why they never engage in the boards at all. So, I want to take a second to bring up some of the things they’ve done right. I don’t want them to revert these changes because they haven’t received any positive feedback on them. While the game might have some problems, I’d argue Season 9 is a step in the right direction compared to 7 and 8. 1. They made towers stronger early game. They feel like they are in a good spot 2. Getting an inhibitor doesn’t mean auto winning the game anymore because you couldn’t leave your base 3. Baron is not paper, and it’s actually possible to contest it with the inhibitor/minion wave changes 4. Baron and Elder buffs aren’t brokenly overpowered 5. Longer games overall. My games have been in the ~35 minute range. This is a huge deal. I also feel like comebacks are actually possible now with the aforementioned changes. Sure, the game has problems *cough Vayne and Riven* , but the big game health changes have been in the right direction. I like this season MUCH more than Season 7 and 8
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