How do you get to "90% win rate in masters" level ?

Like, I don't understand how do they do it. I saw a korean player getting masters 90% win rate with playing fuckin' master yi and shit. Then that tarzan guy had like 3 accounts in the top 10 korea ladder. Closest I got was this season to d1 with a 65/maybe 70% win rate, don't remember exactly. but it doesn't matter since I fucking dropped to d4 later anyway. I don't get how they achieve that, we all get 0/10 players on our teams, but how the hell do they win those games, especially this season. How do they win when their bot is 0/20 combined, or maybe they don't let that happen, but still. I'm just fascinated how can you learn to be that good at this game and bypass the shitty matchmaking. I even watched their games... but I literally don't see what they're doing that makes them win so hard all the time.
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