Least Fun I've ever had

I am done with League. One thing I am doing right in my life is quitting this Garbage. This season is absolute dirt. Fuckin Garbage. There is no goal. There is no fun to have. Ranked Queue is absolute trash. In fact, once hit Diamond, there is 0 goal to rank. ADCs dominate Every lane except BOT. Iceborn and Firecape on any top laner and it's insta-win. Balance is so bad, it's pathetic, that Riot only wants to release new items and more changes without testing. Season 6 wasn't ready for a release. Nerfing champions that already set at 45%, while your 57% have been dominating for months. Champions with 0 skill have high reward, while high skill champions are a joke. 1 Wrong ban, 1 Wrong pick, you fuckin lose. 1 Lost teamfight at 25 min and it's 3 turrets and inhib. Turrets are a joke, I don't even know why we need them. When you can Turret dive without ANY health or Armor, soak 6-11 hits, and solo First and Second Tier. Later League, I will not miss you.
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