Autofill's annoying

This will be a whiny dramatic mess, but let’s go. I almost never get to play the role I want, and very rarely do I get my secondary. I get that it’s good for me to try all the roles to get a grasp of them, but some days you just want the one you enjoy the most and have been putting the most time and effort into through guides. I wouldn’t be complaining if this was a once a day occurrence and it wasn't the same two roles over and over, jg and supp. Ever since I started playing normals a month or two ago, I got the role I'm interested in no more than maybe five times. It always feels like a miracle, I get excited, lock in my favorite champion, then somebody dodges because autofill or flame and in the next one I’m back to autofilling jg. Frustrated at that point, I do the dodging and log off. There must be people out there who want these roles and I'm willing to wait for them; wouldn’t mind longer queue times if it meant I wouldn’t be getting autofilled constantly. Is this normal? How do people even have experience with anything other than supporting and jungling?
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