Are Reworks coming out Fast Enough?

Champion Roadmap: April 2019
Hey all, it's that time of the year again when we get to talk about the awesome new champions and updates we're working on right now. I won't be talking about the new enchanter support today since I already talked about her in the last roadmap and she's just around the corner.
* So on this second Roadmap for the year, Reav3 wrote that riot will be changing their approach to reworks since their bucket list has gotten pretty short. Less reworks per year, more time put into new champs. And I'm sitting here like.. really? I mean sure, outdated champs have lessened, but, is this really the right time for Riot to let their veteran roster stagnate even more? Last year was one of the most interesting ones in terms of steps taken to modernize league. All the new reworks and runes finally created this ambitious momentum and it felt like league was well on its way to bring its content up to modern standards, regardless of reception. Reading reav3's thoughts I could not help flooding my brain with all the champs that are either in dire need of a complete overhaul or straight up look outdated aesthetically. Feel free to disagree but all the following champs, I think, really need some kind of rework: * Amumu, * Anivia, * Annie, * Cho, * Corki, * Mundo, * Garen, * Janna, * Gragas, * Kennen, * Kog'maw, * Malphite, * Yi, * Olaf, * Shaco, * Sivir, * Udyr, * Veigar, * Zilean, * Lux, * Leblanc, * Cassio, * Karma, * Jarvan, * Nocturne, * Lee, * Brand, * Rumble, * Wukong, * Skarner, * Talon, * Riven, * Xerath, * Voli, * Zac, * Jax, * Kassadin, * Ashe, * frickin MALZAHAR and VLAD, * Fiddle * Quinn of course. They are not in order of importance or anything like that, but I shaped it into a column to stress the sheer volume of work that must be put into this monolith of a game. I just can't see how riot can afford to sport 40+ blatantly outdated champs and still feel like there's no reason to rush. If they're going for 3-4 reworks a year, well, you do the math, because I don't even want to think of how long it would take for the current roster to fully evolve. Is there anyone else that feels like Riot should focus almost exclusively on reviving old characters from the depths of time and sparingly release new ones?
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