@Riot Game Developers - Use Your Brains Please. The JG Changes Are Not Working. Revert It.

You are too stubborn to revert the changes and actually work on the problems. What did these changes do that made the role more interesting to play? The top two champions in the JG right now are Graves and Xin, who are both early game junglers. Let's also add in the fact that a few days ago you buffed even more early game junglers and attack speed ones on the PBE. The problem is the Scuttle changes but also the fact that if you don't play a champion that can duel early and is early game, you will not be able to fight them for the Scuttle and you will always be behind. What are you doing about this other than having Riot Maple announce that you don't want to rush to any rash decision because the reception with plants was so bad? There is a very big difference between the plant additions and the terrible jungle changes. The plant changes offered unique ways to get out of fights and for vision. What the jungle changes did was alienate almost half of the jungle champion pool and didn't make it easier to play as AP junglers. Every single Developer is behind these jungle changes that is going to require almost every jungler in the game to be buffed and reworked so they can become the duelists and early game champions like Graves and Xin are. There is absolutely no way any of this is going to work without six months or more of a work to make almost all junglers viable again. Wouldn't the simple solution be to revert the changes, decrease the amount of EXP junglers get in the JG so they don't gank so early, nerf early game junglers, and actually work on AP junglers to make them playable in the JG again? This was a simple solution. Work on the problems as a whole and then nerf the problem champions that caused the entire mess in the JG to begin with. Instead you are creating more work for yourself, ignoring the problems from the very beginning, not improving AP junglers and making them viable in the JG again, and just straight up not addressing the problems. No one asked for these Scuttle changes. Players wanted to stop being ganked so early because specific junglers had extreme balance problems and ganked too early and the JG itself was too easy. These Scuttle changes didn't do anything but create more of a mess that you have to address now for six plus months. Use your brains for once and revert the horrible jungle changes not a single person likes and work on the problems to begin with. I personally wouldn't mind the Scuttle changes if you actually addressed the problems at hand but you didn't. You threw caution to the wind, alienated almost all of the JG pool, didn't address specific problem champion in the jG, didn't work on AP junglers, and didn't make it easier for specific junglers to do their job. The new JG is not fun to play in and against. It's one of the worst decision you have ever made and I cannot believe that you are not communication about it or do anything.

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