People Please Stop Forcing People To Play Unwinnable Games

If the game is clearly lost please VOTE YES. Yes there are times when you can come from behind and win but you have to be able to tell the difference between just being behind and the game being over. What led to this post is a prime example of being held hostage by people that can not tell the difference. 6 minutes into the game 0-2-0 ADC baby rages and AFK quits all while top is repeatedly dying trying to fight soon as he gets back to lane. 9 minutes in top is now 0-6. ADC still AFK. 12 minutes into game I ask team to please vote yes when its time. 15 minutes in its still 4v5, down 9-19, all lanes down in cs and the early vote still fails. 20 minutes mark its still 4v5, down 9-22, we have been stuck in our base past 6 minutes straight and the vote still fails 2-2 25 minute this time the enemy team is just BMing and not even trying to win...we get a few kills only because they literally just stand still taunting waiting til they are half health right before they smash us. 27 minutes finally other team stops playing around and finishes the game after they got a free baron. This game almost went twice as long as it needed to. Unless you are in your promo series there is no need to play this situation out. Edit: its funny to me how many people are posting comments as if they are just reading the title of the post and not even reading the post. So many people talking about voting no because someone wants to quit just because they are having a bad game. That is not what this post is about. Its about people that are voting no because they cant tell the difference in a game that you still have a legit chance at winning or one that is absolutely over. There is a big difference between 1 player having a rough game and wanting to surrender than a game where 1 player raged quit and went afk and on top of that you have another player basically inting and everyone is down levels and gold.
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