The Self-Entitlement of League Players

I do have a theory about Riot continually favoring ADC's and other AD based champions over AP when it comes to balance passes and it really comes down to simple business practices. Your demographic consists of a younger slice of the gaming community who have been brought up in an era where they have continually been told "you're special" despite you being nothing different from anyone else's offspring. As a result, people develop a sense of entitlement. The problem with the multiplayer gaming community, especially when it comes to PvP, rather then PvE which is almost completely opposite. In PvP games, most people WANT things to be easy. They want to get the most kills in the game and best other players to consider themselves special. ((This explains why there are so many {{champion:11}} mains at low ELO)). Therefore Riot have somewhat acknowledged this. They know that if they nerfed {{champion:67}} or {{champion:64}} and somewhat {{champion:157}} for example, they would cause a MASSIVE outcry in the largest demographic in the game (People who love these champions) and they would lose the potential income since these people also play other champions and Riot continues to shovel skins and cosmetics down people's throats in order to make them cough up cash. That is what a lot of people fail to understand with Riot, its not YOU that they care about, its your WALLET. They will do what their biggest demographic wants to get the MOST profit and as a result, the game suffers and everyone else suffers because what the hungry whale majority want is NOT usually what is healthier for the game since they have this inbuilt need for instant gratification and feeling special and somehow entitled. A product of mass capitalism and our time, I'm afraid. *Edit* Adding some further evidence for this theory. "Back in the 1950's especially here in the United Kingdom (believe the same happened about the USA). People genuinely believed in the "common good" and did more things out of kindness then they would today. They also respect authority and most knew where the line was. Kids today are growing up with the delusion that they are "special" because discipline in schools was seen as child abuse and banned, which handed all the power over to the children, of which a select few learned to manipulate it and accuse people without evidence, destroying that person's life in the process. Now people are too scared to discipline their children which has lead to an era of self-entitled kids that believe the world owes them something and that they are important in themselves and not just pieces of a greater whole. This drive towards selfishness is why people on this game, just as a tiny example are MOSTLY toxic (not all, since there are always statistical anomalies)."
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