Blue essences are too hard to aquire / rare

Compared to the previous seasons, this one is basically Hell. I managed to buy only one 6300 champion in the past three months, which was taking me a 4-6 weeks last year. I don't know what exactly is wrong with RIOT's math, but ever since the level unlock system (play 15 games - gather a capsule - disenchant shard) was introduced, the game became torture and grind fest! IP was so much easier way to acquire champs, I am left speechless. I can't reroll anymore 3 shards, there are no IP x5 party week events, there were only two quests for Blue essence (with reward close to 950 BE, come on....). Facts are facts: 1: Now players are FORCED against their will to play every day at least 1 win of the day for 50 BE, because it's the only way to speed up one's progress. 2: The lack of BE rewarding events is terrible. 3: The amount of BE / capsule is way too low. 15 games were at least 2000 IP in the past and now you play as much for only one capsule, which rewards half of the amount? wtf? Come on, RIOT, make changes and improve what you left behind because of the new season preparations - the lack of BE is what will kill this game forever, imo.
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