when do mages, assassins, and bruisers get the adc, tank, and enchanter treatment?

why is it ok to wholesale nerf classes into the ground for several months? why was it ok to throw a hand grenade into the balance of these champions in the middle of the season, but now that its preseason, you barely touch the shit that has been busted for 6 months? anything with upfront burst is too strong. conquerer makes tank items irrelevant. triforce + titanic + steraks is busted. mage supports are out dpsing adcs with 30% less gold. are we going to get real changes to this shit? or is league of legends just about insta gibbing your opponent with your oP 1 sHOt BuILd can we get some real balance changes, or at least an explanation that league of legends is going in a completely different direction now. it feels like every class is being slowly reworked into bursty mage-like champions.
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