Did the Irelia rework really achieve what Riot wanted?

Irelia was apparently supposed to fit some sort of telekinetic blade dancer. Honestly, I can't see a lot of differences between the old one or the new one. The new one needs to use her passive to attack with basic AA's (Like old Irelias W). Like there is no special interaction, she AA's like everyone else. It's just the old W but with better visuals. The old Irelia used her blades to stun you or slow you. The new one just randomly summons 2 blades that collide and stuns everything in their path. The old and current R both stem from some sort of randomness in her kit. It doesnt have any sort of flow. The only thing I can agree on that sort of achieved what Riot wanted was her W. She uses her current blades to surround herself against incoming attacks. But even then, this W is probably the worst part of her kit since it makes a blade dancer **stand still**. So Imo it was a failed rework, why not partially revert her kit but keep the VU? Like the old one wasnt nearly as toxic as the current one is.
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