What happened to League after season 5

I am playing LoL for 8 years now, and i never felt this bad about the game before. (Maybe when they nerfed the shit out kassadin) Last 3 years was so bad for LoL, and each season it only kept getting worse. Every single rule of league (excluding chasing singed) has been removed. **What riot did in last 3 years;** 1- "Oh {{champion:76}} can one shot people with one Q, thats not right, one single mistake shouldn't cost you the game, we must change this and make nidalee much more of a hunter instead of Q spamming champion" "Haha DO YOU REMEMBER OLD NIDALEE? THIS IS ( {{champion:142}} ) HER NOW FEEL OLD YET? NOW SHE HAS 34875 YEARS OF CC AND STILL CAN ONE SHOT YOU. BECAUSE FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOUR GAMEPLAY." 2- "This game should have sytrategic depth and it must take a while before closing the game because you have to set a good strat" meanwhile last 3 years; "WE'RE SPEEDING THE GAME UP AND REMOVING THE TURRETS. THEY CANT EVEN ATTACK YOU ANYMORE HAHA (hi akali). And you can one shot them" 3- "AD Champions can take turrets easier, meanwhile AP champions can clear waves easier, make sure you acknowledge this before creating your team comp" "LETS MAKE MAGES, TANKS, ADS AND EVEN MINIONS ONE SHOT TURRETS AND GIVE EVERYONE WAVECLEAR HAHA. BECAUSE WHO THE FUCK IS TRYING TO BUILD A COMP HAHA." 4- "If you deal too much damage you either lose your wave clear or your mobility in return." "Welcome to champion spotlight, featuring zoe, a champion can clear waves, one shot people, use your spells against you, can run faster than hecarim, can even one shot without landing any spell, oh also we gave EVERY SINGLE FUCKING CHAMPION DASH. Because we want to see you jump around." 5- "We have champion desing rules to keep league healthy" "Hey guys we want to try new things so fuck the rules, oh if you try to do new things and fuck the rules we'll punish you dont forget this" 6- - "We're giving new and reworked champions execute, they can kill you with one button if you're below XXX HP. And they'll know when they can execute you, but you cant. (Hello {{champion:28}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:555}} " 7- "Assassins can oneshot carries but this is mostly a suicide bombing because they'll use their mobility to engage and they'll be vulnerable, mages are for poking and waveclear from a distance. Tanks are for zoning and Tanking(?)." "Do you remember roles? Haha good for you, every champ can do every role now." AND ALSO THIS FUCKER {{champion:142}} This season we lost rune system, that caused higher damages. Maple nectar said "The damage in a game didnt even changed that much over the years." Yeah this is true, but games are shortened by 15 minutes in past 3 seasons.
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