Silver worse than bronze?

So i have been playing this season starting at bronze 5 working my way up and now I am at silver 5. I really feel that I am getting way worse teammates at silver 5 then I was in bronze, like bronze 2. I feel like when people hit level 30 they always get placed in silver after placements. Which is a problem you should start at b5 once you hit 30. I keep getting players in silver playing like champions in roles that are horrible and there is a ton of feeding in lanes and its continuous. I feel like non of my games were like that in bronze just players trying to rank up and play serious all I have been hitting in silver is a bunch of jokesters who plays troll champs in troll roles and feed and its so annoying. Call me crazy if you want but does anyone feel like that? I feel like more people in bronze understood how to play the game and the mechanics than people in low silver.
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