Deathsdance passive is dumb with invis

TL;DR Fuck{{item:3812}} and {{item:3151}} and {{champion:122}} . I'm a bit annoyed by the fact that deathsdance passive(the bleed thingy) and other dots + minion aa's show the blue invis outline sort of thing. Could that perhaps be changed. So i am a Top lane Wukong main and the problem is that when i go in on a trade and try to w so the enemy cant retaliate the minion auto attacks instantly reveal the fact that its a clone and show my positioning and my intentions will b revealed. So if im going in lvl 5 im 1 minion away from lvl 6 and i go in e, aa, q, aa, w and while im invis the minion agro i just took from autoattacking the enemy will cause the minion aa's to reveal me and remove the surprise factor i had althought if i have enough time to get into a bush the enemy wont know that im lvl6 wich is pretty much gg if he/she hasnt backed off by then, but because of the minion aa's revealing me the enemy knows that im either coming towards him or trying to go into the bush and then he/she realises my intentions wich screws over my lvl 6 all in and against a darius fiora rumble anything with a good ulti and outdmges Wukong lvl 6 will totally fuck me up. This ivis reveal is also pretty awful with kha if u have deathsdance u just screw urself over by buying this thing. Help me not yank my eyes out with a spoon when a fiora 4 shots me after her minion fucked me over by showing my positioning. Save me and all of my friends {{champion:62}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:17}} atleast take that revealing thing off of darius passive i cant lane against that fuckhead when he can see me 24/7, he outdmges me and no one wants to gank a darius. Also rumble is pretty cancer but that was already the case before the stealth changes. PS. This isn't rly that big of a problem on other than wu and kha it's sort of annoying on teemo but he deserves it. PPS. You have propably already awknowledged this but im just trying to spread the

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