Stop With CertainlyT

I see all of these posts about how he is the worst and should be fired. He should not be fired he has created one of the greatest champions in league. {{champion:412}} has changed the landscape of the support role forever. Thresh may have been a bit overturned on release but that has been fixed. He is so fun and popular ever since his release every other support released since that had to attempt to live up to him. This means more new supports have many ways to use their utility. I promise you he is the only reason that support isn't viewed as the least fun role to play. Before Thresh it was filled with champions like Janna, Soraka, Sona, etc. Now we have Bard, Braum, Thresh, etc. But every champion before can still be played. Yes CertainlyT has made mistakes {{champion:142}} and {{champion:82}} (which isn't even fully his fault since the coding is terrible and that has caused alot of his issues) but he isn't completely incompetent.
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