There are still zero follow up changes to a single mage affected by patch 8.9

Duskblade gets nerfed and Riot preemptively buffs a bunch of AD champions before the patch even hits live resulting in many of them being much stronger than they even were with the original Duskblade. Riot finally gets rid of the unneeded 15% attack speed on Machete that was eventually supposed to be removed anyways, and there were already numerous base attack speed buffs to a number of Junglers on the PBE before that patch even hits live, many of which will make them much more powerful than they already were with machete prior to 8.10. I expect to see a similar case with ADC where Riot panics and ships out a bunch of quick buffs following 8.11 resulting in ADC being at exactly the same place they were prior to 8.11. We are already at the patch 8.11 cycle on the PBE and there is not one single buff or QoL change for a single mage affected by 8.9 despite many of them losing noticeable winrate and/or being subpar to mediocre at best. The bias that Riot holds towards mid lane mages that can actually carry a game because of LC$ is insane, and they get away with it because mage players still form a smaller minority of the overall playerbase in solo queue.
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