[Discussion] Champions that in my opinion have a lot of cool potential

[](https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/5/56/Skarner_OriginalSkin.jpg) ###SKARNER https://i.imgur.com/DVH3Trz.jpg He is a scorpion, but not just any regular scorpion. He's part of the rare "Brackern" race, who require the Crystals to live (as said in the lore). I feel like there could be better exploration into the Brackern race, more about their origins, how the Crystals themselves came to exist and so on. Ability wise, Skarner has a quite an outdated kit. There is a certain ability that are iconic and core to what makes Skarner stand out of all the other champions in the game, his ultimate ability: Impale. The rest of his abilities could be changed or improved upon at the very least. Some key features of what Skarner could do as a Scorpion: >* Go underground - In the lore the Brackern race were described to be able to go into a hibernation state, when they feel they are threatned. >* Use his Stinger more often - He should be able to make use of his Stinger more often, instead of just having it on his ultimate ability. >* Be a great duelist - With his Scorpion Pedipalp features, he should be able to fight pretty well as well. Skarner in particularly was considered to be the strongest of all of his kin due to the Crystal that he found (which was a lot bigger than the rest of the Crystals that the Brackern find). >* Make his Crystal power more unique - In the lore it is described that when someone from the Brackern race passes away, they are then buried with their crystals for safekeeping from humans who would attempt to steal them. But then other Brackern's have a quest to find the one who calls out to them the most, which grant them all of the knowledge and memories from all of the passed away ancestors. Overall there's a lot of directions that could be taken once Skarner would be considered for an update in the future. >*** ###AMUMU https://i.imgur.com/IZQokSk.jpg He is a mummy, who is really ancient as it was described in lore that he "inspired myths, songs, and folklore told and retold for generations such that it is impossible to separate truth from fiction". Amumu's character is heavily emphasised around the idea that he is cursed and that no one could be close to him, as all nearby living things parish at his presence. Ability wise Amumu isn't really that bad, except for a few abilities that could be better, most notably his; Passive, W and E. The theme of his curse could be explored better for his Passive in my opinion, instead of him being able to add the ever so famous bonus True Damage from all Magic Damage. His W would be fine if it wasn't the case of "it doesn't make a difference". His E just a weird ability, the Passive does make sense considering he is Cursed and he might be somewhat resistant to any harm that targets him directly, the Active is just him spinning around. Some key features of what Amumu could do: >* Passive - There could be a lot of potential as to what Amumu's Curse could do to enemies in game, which is worth exploring. >* W - Instead of dealing Max Health Damage, he could instead apply a some sort of continuous debuff to enemies around him. >* E - Instead of spinning around he could do something more different and interesting, sadly nothing good came to mind as to what. I was going to say that he could release some bandages from himself which would entangle enemies (CC), but that's his ultimate ability. Overall Amumu's character is halfway to his fullest potential. >*** ###DR MUNDO https://i.imgur.com/zMYk8XI.jpg I will try to be a bit shorter with this one, as I don't know that much personally about him, so I will get straight into the ideas. Some key features of what Dr Mundo could do: >* More than Health Regen - He could be so much more than a Health Regen Tank, imagine him being to inject himself with various of random buffs. Something like this would be fitting considering he is described to be "utterly insane" in lore, so him doing crazy injections and exposing himself to questionable components would be spot on in my opinion. That's all that I thought of and got to say overall. I was going to mention a lot more champions but I then realised that I didn't really have all that much to say about them, so I will add a honorable mentions list below... {{champion:27}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:33}} If anyone is curious as to some of these honorable mentions, feel free to ask as to why I see them in need of some change. I will answer all of your questions. https://i.imgur.com/8lUTmO1.png
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