Zed has been a dominant ban-worthy pick for months. Why are you buffing him?

QSS will no longer remove Zed's ultimate debuff. As if buying a magic resist item against an AD champion wasn't indication enough that their kit lacks a phenomenal amount of counterplay. Why is this change even being considered if Zed is where he's at now in the meta? This only seems like it will (once again, as with Duskblade) exasperate his strengths, while leaving his lane opponent few options to deal with him. Edit: A lot of people are claiming "but he got nerfed recently!" which is technically true, but forget that was following the inclusion of Duskblade, which was pretty much designed to synergize with his kit. And susprise surprise, if you look at Zed's Highest Win % Core Build it involves rushing it following Ghostblade. The hit to his ultimate following that item's release was completely inconsequential, as his winrate actually _climbed_ from patch 6.3 all the way to 6.6 (those were almost two months apart btw) before finally taking a hit in 6.7, proving that not only nerfs were warranted, they were insufficient following an indirect buff to his kit, as will happen with the QSS change, except this time they won't even touch him.
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