Please Disable Yuumi

Let's talk about this monstrosity of a champion. She goes untargettable as long as her allies are near her, a cool concept but no real way to punish her in lane. Her Q is not dodgeable I repeat not dodgeable as long as there are no minions nearby so basically point and click poke and slow from a very un-punishable distance. She gets basically a better Sona ultimate while she can move and continue to spam heals. Riot please make this champ easier to abuse in lane. She is very obsessive and she can easily play a safe and easy lane with Ezreal or she can play really aggressively with no problem. She has way too many things in her kit - a slow, shields, heals, speed boosts, amazing teamfighting, and insane mobility. I think she should not be able to cast aggressive abilities such as her Q while being attached. Remove the slow on her Q and reduce the range. I will no longer queue for bot-lane as long as this champion stays the way she is. {{champion:350}}
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