zed needs gutting

I don't really care about anything am sick of this champion absolutely destroying everyone. he does am obscene amount of damage. has too much safety. a good zed. is impossible to gank. and you can't say that about most champions. just a shadow Q with a regular Q chunks 60% of your health if your not a tank. hes just a really disgusting champion to play against. people actually think they are good when they get 25% bonus AD. which makes me wanna cry. why would you give him bonus AD when his scaling. is by itself is an abomination? 100% scaling on ult total ad not just bonus ad. 100% scaling on his q. I mean. his base damages are sky high as well. i literally wanted to cri when a zed told me he had over 500 AD the other day and he had 5 items. honestly the new item is garbage.the passive at least. the problem is that they keep introducing damage and armor pen items. I mean stop releasing these max ad (75 ad) items that just give too much utility and other stats. just. make up your mind. give us flat ad items and utility/defense items. NOT BOTH.
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