Why are "Juggernauts" allowed to get good scaling but tanks no longer can?

A lot of the new items like Titanic Hydra have damage scaling with your tankiness. They make champions like Skarner deal immense damage while also being tankier than most dedicated tanks such as Sejuani, Gragas, Amumu etc. I'm OK with this because at least juggernauts don't have true gap closers. However, it still seems strange that tank items like FH not only provide worse stats but also worse late game scaling. If Riot thinks FH is too strong, then why not just increase the cost but keep the stats the same? Tanks already have difficulty farming quickly or getting kills to snowball so why make them worse even in the best late game scenario? Much of their damage is % health based so isn't even that high except against other tanks. Furthermore, all tank items even before these changes fell off late game compared to damage oriented champs simply because 35% of their stats were ignored due to LW & VS. Meanwhile, Skarner can nearly 1-shot whoever he ults. as fast as I snap my fingers. It just seems like with the Cinderhulk changes and significant armor nerfs, tanks are back to where they were before Season 5. It's already not the most rewarding class and requires more of a team-focused mindset. Now it's even less rewarding and makes doing your job harder (especially with a lot more true damage being added in recent kits).
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