So lets talk about Aatrox, again...

So time passed, people hade time to play Aatrox rework, and surprise surprise, the results are shit.His winrate is tanked so low, i dont think that even old Aatrox was so low.Only elo he have some decent winrate is gold, and thats because people are to lazy to dodge his Q.I dont even know why RIOT nerfed him.When i was reading 8.14 patch notes i laughed so much.After rework he is the same as before he become viable, win lane, be usless in team fights.No i stnad corected,old Aatrox was WAY MORE ussefull in team fights, and he was fun to play.RIOT put Aatrox in dirt again.So this is my 2 cents.What is your opinion?{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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