@Riot, with Kassadin sitting at a 42.04% win rate...

Are you guys content with how you left him? Out of the majority of the mid laners he has the worst stats. His base stats are laughable, his scaling is mediocre, his ult doesn't even do damage anymore. Is there any word on any plans for him or is he just gonna stay like this? I understand how he an get of out hand easily with his ult but I feel like after nerfing that repeatedly can't you get his basic abilities some love? I was thinking increasing the damage on all of them, and no that's not over the top, they're LOW. Increase the scaling on his shield and let the shield block ALL damage. (Viktor?) Let Kassadin's abilities proc his e charge twice, even as an anti-mage he loses trades due to the fact that it's rarely up for them. You have to use it when it's up a lot to push the wave due to the lack of wave clear. Now the problem with Kassadin was his ult, right? I've seen it time and time again. A champ has a problem, Riot nerfs other things about the champ, then finally nerfs the problem, and leaves the rest of the kit trash and nerfed into the ground. This I feel is exactly what happened to Kassadin. What do you guys think? {{champion:38}}
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