Riot, please consider reverting the Riven changes of patch 9.10 and nerfing her in simpler way.

{{champion:92}} Riven was really strong before patch 9.10. [According to, she had a 52.63% Win Rate on Diamond+ ranked games in patch 9.9.]( Riot realized she was too strong and tried to nerf her by making these changes: The problem is that she is now probably stronger than before the changes. [In fact, she now has a higher Win Rate than before (52.79%).]( After the reduction of her Q cooldown, Riven now only needs about 25% CDR to be able to extend her Qs. Before the changes, she was only able to do that when she had about 40% CDR. Extending her Qs allows Riven to chain her third Q into a new series of Qs, giving Riven more damage and mobility. To try to fix the fact that Riven is still too strong, apparently Riot is trying to nerf Riven by buffing some of her counters: Renekton and Poppy. {{champion:58}} {{champion:78}} Renekton will receive a buff that will make his W destroy shields when he has 50+% fury and Poppy's W will now ground a champion if it blocks a dash. But is this a good way of dealing with the problem? For example, Renekton is considered a Riven counter, but if Riven plays well she has a chance of winning. This change will probably make the matchup much more one-sided and therefore will make it less fun. [And a lot of Renekton mains don't even like these changes as well, including high elo ones.]( ==============================================//============================================== So, is there a better way of dealing with Riven? {{champion:92}} Here's a suggestion: this whole situation got a little chaotic because unnecessary changes where made to Riven's kit. In fact, many people think it's even more frustrating to play against her after the changes. Why not just nerf Riven the simple way? Just revert the 9.10 changes and simply nerf her from there, instead of trying to make changes that aren't really needed. When people complain about Riven, they usually say things like: - She has too much mobility; - She is too hard to punish; - She has too much damage; Why not nerf these things a little? - Don't buff her Q cooldown, leave it as it was before. - Simply increase her E cooldown by something like 2 seconds on all ranks: From 10/9/8/7/6 seconds ⇒ 12/11/10/9/8 seconds. This would reasonably make her easier to punish, less mobile and less frustrating to play against. - And then just nerf her damage a bit. This can be done in many ways. For example, in patch 6.17 Riven's R got buffed because she needed more damage: Now that Riven is very strong, Riot could simply revert that. Alternatively, they could make it so her passive only stack one time, instead of 3, which would punish bad Riven players that just spam Q and don't Auto Attack between abilities in low elo. I think those are reasonable changes that would make her more fair. Also, doesn't Spear of Shojin's {{item:3161}} passive makes champions like {{champion:92}}, {{champion:58}}, {{champion:24}} harder to deal with than they should be? It's nice to have an item that gives 20% CDR and a lot of AD, but changing the passive to something less problematic would probably make them more fair too.
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