I'm just here to vent my current anger.

You don't have to respond to this at all, just want to vent my anger right now. (Plus I don't know which board this is appropriately placed). This may come as a long shot, but the person that I'm angry at could be seeing this right now and possibly flaming me. So it started as a normal queue up with some friends. I wanted to play support, while my friends queued as mid and jungle like they usually do. I picked Bard hoping that I can go slightly aggressive in lane with my bot lane partner, who picked Jhin. We laned against, a Sona/Caitlyn lane, which is a hard lane to fight. During the first 5 minutes of the game, we were actually doing good. I got the aggression I hoped for, and the Jhin seems to follow up. Since we were doing well I decided to roam and get my chimes, a usual thing that I do that my bot lane partners don't mind. This was around level 3-4 where I started. This Jhin starts pushing up to their tower. HOWEVER, he does not ward when he clearly has 2 wards in his inventory he can place in case of a gank. Immediately after I finish getting my chimes, the enemy Xin Zhao comes in and goes for the Jhin that's pushed far into the lane without warding. I try to come as fast as I can and Flash Q in hopes that I would stun Xin and heal my support to save him. I ended up missing and then the fated toxicity came from the Jhin. He starts to complain that I shouldn't have roamed since they went 3v1 on him as I left lane. I told him that I said that I was roaming, and he didn't want to accept that. Few minutes have passed, and our bot lane tower was gone. Jhin had already pushed enough of the lane, so I decided to roam. What happened next annoyed me. Jhin starts question mark pinging me, thinking that I should come back to lane and push when my teammates are not doing too well and need some help. What I know is that a Support player should just do one main objective: Support your team. After Jhin question mark pinged me he continued to flame me and implied that I don't know how to support. I responded that I'm not just supporting the ad carry, but supporting the team as well. He immediately talked back to me saying that I'm not supposed to do that. Minutes later, I was at base trying to prevent top lane from getting pushed further into the inhibitor. This Jhin immediately follows up with saying "So how's the team doing with your supporting?" or something like that, I don't remember. He also said that I don't know how to support, where I immediately said that "Well you don't know what Bard does then". A little bit of toxicity, but I tried to keep it at a minimum. Jhin continues to flame me, and I mute afterwards. And guess what? We surrendered because we couldn't get back in the game. Even after the game, this Jhin was still flaming me that I don't know how to support and still points to the first time he died. I explained that he had two wards in his inventory, and he said "DUDE. YOU'RE SUPPORT." Yep. The stereotypical "you're support so you should be the only one that wards" AD Carry. I tell him that I'm not just the only one who has to ward. He didn't want to accept the fact that I did help as much as I can. I ended up reporting him for Negative Attitude, and Verbal Abuse. For anyone who has actually read this all: {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} I legitimately thank you for seeing this, and hopefully you guys won't have my situation or be this "Jhin" in my case in your next games.
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