The State of Sona It's closing in on 10 months since Sona was completely gutted to unplayability. Meanwhile, Riot refuses to address the issue, blatantly displaying their discrimination against Sona players. Her win-rate in professional play has stayed an unshakable 0% since. The top Sona players worldwide have been getting repeatedly demoted and most quit the game entirely. Let's take a look at where she's at right now: 4.13: * 21 Documented Nerfs * 2 Confirmed Shadow Nerfs and at least 1 Suspected After 4.13: * 5 Additionally Documented Nerfs and at least 1 Confirmed Shadow Nerf Stats: * 5th Lowest base HP * 10th Lowest max HP (excluding Sion) * 3rd Lowest Base Mana amongst mage-supports, after Lulu and Zyra * Lowest Base AD amongst supports, tied with Soraka (excluding Thresh/Lulu) * 2nd Lowest max armor amongst supports, after Zyra (excluding Thresh) * Lowest MS tier, shared with 3 other mage-supports (9+ sit in higher tiers) Abilities: * 1st, 2nd and 3rd shortest ranged spells amongst supports (4th is 43% higher, 5th+ are even more) * 2nd Lowest Damage potential amongst supports, after Braum * Lowest Base Damage on a spell, tied with Leona's Q and Taric's W & E * Weakest and most expensive heal in the game, even lower than Relic Shield * Weakest and shortest-duration shield amongst all supports * Weakest MS spell, roughly tied with Nami * Least CC amongst supports * Only support in the game w/o hard CC pre-6 * Sub-par ult outclassed and out-ranged by most supports Sona's kit is designed to be a close-range tank support, which she is not. Even if that were the case, the numbers on the abilities are still too weak to be usable, Taric's kit is stronger and has higher range. On Sona, this kit is just blatantly counter-intuitive and yet her stats still remain rock-bottom despite this. Even the abilities themselves are counter-intuitive to each other, the varied cooldowns make Power Chord extremely difficult to use Diminuendo/Tempo, meanwhile Staccato gets repeatedly nerfed in return for the other two being less accessible. *** On a final note, her in-game models are still blatant downgrades and wreak of an air of unprofessionalism and complete disregard for accuracy of detail. They're amateur-made rush jobs with improper coloring that completely lacks contrast, shading or texture and display incorrect detailing contradictory to her splash-arts. You can read more about that here:
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