8.19 is going to be one of the worst patches in recent history

Darius = Buffed in the most toxic way (a passive buff and a buff to his W which is basically guaranteed for him as opposed to decimate, his only real test of skill) and if we're being honest, he wasn't weak enough to really warrant a buff, ESPECIALLY a damage buff over a utility or survivability buff. Fiora = Early game buffed, because buffing fiora's early game to help her get through lane and to her GODLY late game better has totally never broken her evaaarr... Khazix = Buffed, and once again instead of buffing something in his kit that requires at least a tiny amount of skill (which I'm not sure there is anything in khazix's kit, seeing as his general assassination pattern is R > jump on a squishy > press all the buttons > hope you kill them so you can reset hop out) you just buffed his passive enhanced auto, nice! Elise = Eh, I dont mind these changes, so this is ok Jarvan = Once again, why are you buffing the skill-less portion of a champion's kit, but whatever, these buffs are miniscule enough that they probably won't mean shit, and most jarvans will still probably just build full AD Nunu = Instead of buffing that fairly hard to hit W of his, we're going to instead buff his urgot W thingy which auto targets for him, genius. Janna = Buffed, this champion shouldn't even be fucking touched until you can actually rework her into something other than the champ you put your bronze fucking girlfriend on so that she can still be useful. Thankfully the buffs seem fairly miniscule. Thresh = buffed, jeez, this champion is known to pretty much always be fucking useful because of the asinine amounts of utility in his kit. http://www.op.gg/champion/thresh/statistics/support Doesn't seem like he was hurting all that much, but whatever, not the biggest buffs at least. Pyke = Buffed, why did you buff pyke, was he really weak? Lunacy Tahm Kench = Nerfed, I hate this champ with a passion, but it feels like he's already on his fucking balance death bed and you're trying to shove a pillow in his face. Kogmaw = Buffed, same deal as Janna, this champ shouldn't be touched with a nine foot fucking pole until he gets reworked into something that isn't a long range tower on steroids, thankfully buffs seem relatively miniscule Overall what a shitty patch.
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