@Meddler Can i get a statement on how you think your changes turned out to be after 6 patches?

Shaian on Twitter
Do you still want to tell me you buffed Zyra with those plant hp changes? Would have killed Rengar in any patch from Season 2 to patch 7.24, now cant even half life him anymore since my plants are not existant.
Sorry, but im super salty. So frustrating to play. Is this good design? "Zyra is the plant mage and we want to emphasize that so we put half of her damage into plant AI" (season 6). I used to hear "all because of the amount of plants she gets" are the reason for worse ap ratios, base damage, scaling hp. What are my plants doing now though? Half of my damage is not existant with ur recent changes. Cant i get a statement on what you think? I'm not even looking necessarily for "Riot thinks this"-statement. What do you guys personally think when you watch this? When i look at how it lead to this I feel like you trapped yourself with the passive you gave her. You cant balance it for low mmr when a champ has half of her damage in AI. But, what i watch in this video is just unacceptable. This is not about Rengars skill. He oneshots my plant in a fullcombo before it can even get empowered, just by running with attackmove.

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