And the honor goes to... Who was actually the MVP to You? Idea for more informative honoring screen

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When the time for honors comes people usually only remember the last big fight and/or don't take the time to reflect the whole game. Neither does the honor screen give any tools for evaluating the game either. People just remember that ADCs penta and not the daring baron steals, heroic game maker support moves, unflintching frontlines or surgical precise deletions. To help people remember what kind of heroic stuff other players did, some info tags to the honor window would help. Incase of you yourself getting the award, it shows the badge to the next in line so you still have a clue who was 2nd best. I used for the example the already existing icons to give an idea, first the icon and then what it stands for. See the screenshot for more visual repesentation. Takedown: Most takedowns in team Revitalize: Most healing done to others Aery: Most shielding done to others Zombie ward: Highest vision score Controller: Highest CC score Demolish: Most damage to objectives Marksman: Most physical damage on enemy champions Mage: Most magical damage on enemy champions Drake/baron: Last hitter of the objective The idea is shamesly stolen from another tactical videogame. Only positive aspects would be show. Ps. I know the damage to objectives as it present form does not take account on someone wave clearing and pushing creeps to tower while self making very little damage to objectives but at least it gives an idea.
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