Neekos kit is overloaded!

Hey, since Neekos abilities are revealed, I have to say this: Neekos kit is soooooo overloaded. Why? 1.) She has too much cc. 2.) She is too safe. 3.) She is supposed to be a damage dealer. A Champion shouldn't have all of these 3 strengths, atleast not to this extent. I imagine she can be quite ok and fun with her gimmick (copying), but not with the kit she has right now on pbe. Like holy shit, just how many effects can you put on a champion? Her passive and Q are fine. Her W has tons of effects: - 3 hit passive that deals magic dmg - That same passive gives her movement speed - active invisibility + movementspeed + clone So you have like 2 effects passive and 3 effects as active. Kinda feels like Wukong W on steroids. Her E is also quite strong. It passes through enemys and roots everyone on it's path. The cc would be fine if it was her only cc, but her ult has a AoE stun which is almost impossible to fail on top of it. Now we look at the Ult, probably one of the best ults in the game, if it makes it live: - It's a HUGE circle that follows Neeko (as big as amumu ult? can't tell for sure) - she jumps in the air and while she is in the air it slows and gives a shield - it stuns if she lands - it deals massive damage. - you can't see the initial cast if she was disguised. Sorry, but this honestly is too much. Even for Riot standards.
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