Pay 2 Win disguised as Free To Play...

((Before you downvote... at least have a think)) League never used to be like this but all the "modern" champions that have been released over the lasts few years have been; - More mobile - More Damage - More gimmicks or abilities that "break" the game, such as Kayn going through walls, Zoe stealing summoner spells and Sylas stealing ultimates. ((Only a few have been released "Underpowered" over the sheer amount that broke the game when they came out)) Why does everyone find this acceptable? It is obvious that power creep has become more and more interlocked into the game and everyone agrees that "Power Creep is bad" and yet nobody is willing to do anything about it. It is clear that Zoe, for example is WAYYYY better then every other burst mage in the game, in both mobility, CC and Damage and yet nobody ever says anything about the absurd power creep in Riot's designs. Do you really want a game like this, where you need to keep buying "the latest champions" just to be competitive. It is true that Riot reworks champions but that usually destroys their identity and takes something people have mastered for years and spits on it? How is that better? Do people want this game to be "Street Fighter" where reaction time is all that matters and one shots are every game?
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