I've come to realize after many many games of playing aatrox that he becomes less and less "unstoppable" every game, and before you start calling me hashinshin you should play the champ yourself and see what I mean. I understand the champion is not relevant nor popular, but I think every champion shouldn't have consistent bugs that screw every game. For instance, a while ago I played a game against a Vi as Aatrox, Vi tried to ult me but I pressed Q at the perfect time to become "Unstoppable" and negating her ult from landing on me. Now fast forward some time, I am playing Aatrox, a wild Sejuani ganks my lane, she applies her stacks on me, and before she can stun me, I Q away, but while I Q'd away she activated her stun, and it stops me mid-air while I'm supposedly "Unstoppable". This is just one example of the tomfoolery happening to this champion, I ask that this bug is fixed. I'm sure no one cares and I'll only get hate comments, but hopefully this issue is resolved. Thank you :)
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