PSA to supports, junglers and tanks

if you genuinely believe that nobody else is going to be able to get the kill, or that the price will be too high trying to give the kill to someone else, by all means take the kill. people who cry about KS don't look at the bottom line. Sure maybe they could've gotten the kill. it could be at the cost of their own life just for the kill, or just get them killed in general while getting nothing. when people say "KS" i always respond with Kill Secured, because honestly in bronze and silver(where i play around at) you really cannot trust people to be able to get kills for themselves even if you spoonfeed them to them. also, to be completely honest. i don't get mad at all even when support takes a kill. know why? because that just means my support is going to have more gold to do his/her job which is supporting me. and some supports and junglers get really nice spikes in damage with a little bit of extra gold early.{{champion:432}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:161}}{{champion:102}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:64}}

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