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Can {{champion:23}} get some legit buffs please? The 50% crit at level 16 is not going to do anything since pretty much every game is over by then. He has been sitting around a 47.5% winrate since season 9 started. He doesn't have a high pick rate. He has dipped to 45.6% winrate now. This passive buff is not going to be more beneficial than the nerf to conqueror is bad for him. Tryns core item {{item:3046}} was effectively removed from the game for him. The ONLY zeal item that feels good on him {{item:3087}} deincentivizes the preferred rush item of most tryn players {{item:3077}} which, by the way, had its gold cost nerfed too. Shiv lost 5% attack speed as well as the awesome dueling stats of old phantom dancer. Conqueror was the only keystone that was good on him. Now, it has been reworked so that it is MUCH better for casters like {{champion:92}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:39}} and {{champion:58}} and now its AD has been gutted too. Trynd's build path has been nerfed repeatedly, his runes have been nerfed repeatedly, and other champions have benefited from the changes that hurt trynd. He has not received any compensation buffs until the change to his passive on his passive that does not really take effect until level 16 at which point the vast majority of games are already decided.
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