Dear Top, Mid and Junglers... sincerely, your tanky supports

I posted this on Reddit, but for those of you who don't go on the league subreddit, here's a copy pasta Dear top, mid and junglers, whenever I, your tanky support, am with you when a minion wave shows up please do not be alarmed. You don't have to expend your mana or energy inefficiently just so I don't get a cs. I get that you want gold, but we don't run on gas y'know; we need gold too. When you see some white balls circling me it means you're gonna get the gold and HEAL a little bit if I get the killing blow. When I approach your lane as a Leona and press q while heading towards a minion, that's not your cue to q that damn minion. It means sit back or attack another minion, get that gold, get my gold, and HEAL a little. Everyone bashes on the adc all the time, but at least they know our poor souls need money too and let us last hit when we have white balls. Heck they even ping cannons if I forget (of course for heal too). So yeah, when we show up to your lane you don't have to get your guard up Sincerely, Your tanky supports. TL;DR : Top, mid laners and junglers, please read the passive effect of relic shield/ Targon's Brace/ Face of the Mountain.
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