Skarner QoL: all the spires should be under his control since level 1; remove gold on cap; spires in

Hello! i got this thought, and since we're in preseason, i think this is the best to test it out. Essentially both neutral and enemy jungle spires should be under skarner's control since the start of the game. I don't think this will be a huge deal since enemies can recapture them after 1:10 in 1.5 seconds. However before that time, and if the enemy doesn't cap them, this could encourage more aggressive maneuvers early (invades, counterjungle), and give skarner some more agency. in short, it would actually matter until minute 1:10. To end, to cite an idea someone posted earlier, spires in the alcoves should be explored too: spires wouldn't cover the whole bot/top lanes, and alcoves don't seem to get used much anyways. However this would better aid skarner in lane, giving him him some tools to fight, rather than sit and farm at the edge of turret till 6. Let me know what do you think, thank you for reading =)

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