Just because you have the most kills, doesn't mean that's what you should be doing

For instance if you're the jungler. As a mid laner, I love when you gank. I also love when you get me 2 kills ahead. But please - if the rest of the map needs you - go help them. If the enemy bot lane is sitting under our tower poking our bot lane... and you never gank them to help me gank and get kills on a lane matchup I already win (stealing the kills as well), that isn't helping us win the game. So congrats you got 8 kills, and yes this is a salt rant. But I'm tired of when people (this is mostly junglers by nature of their role), just sit and gank one lane over and over without helping anyone else. (And yes, I did try to help bot lane. But I'm Anivia - I suck at roaming. I pulled off 2 roams still which was more than our jungler even did).
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