Suggestions on how to solve Rengar problems and adding proper counterplay to it

What I will show you first is the early concept about the rework but I still wanted to share it to give you the "first" insights to where the final project got inspired from The idea behind it was to give Rengar true options to make him feel like a true hunter aka give him tools to fight each single prey and adapt towards it. >That early version Rengar could earn to upgrade each single empower,while giving him 3 choices available to choose from Something like: >You get your second bonetooth stack.Now you could choose to upgrade your empQ with one out of the 3 upgrades that were available for it ****Why it fail**** > Reasons behind it why I dropped mostly of this project it is because we cant have a champion ingame to choose 1 upgrade out of 3 for 3/4 of his own spells.That's just overkill and it shall make you feel like you are playing 2 shapeshifting champions in one.This shall also be hard for the playerbase to actually adapt to Rengar ****The Final Project**** After talking with other highelo rengar mains and dedicated rengar players and also to other role mains this is my final work Passive-current version but cant gain ferc without hitting enemies Bonetooth-Same like the ***current*** version but instead you gain the ability to adapt in what the hunt needs 1 Stack-Passive 2 Stack-Q 3 Stack-W 4 Stack-E 5 Stack-R NOTE > You can lvlup one of those spell in your preference aka you can upgrade E first than Q The only exception is the passive and R.Passive always upgrades first and R only the last( ****YOU CAN ONLY USE THE SECOND PART OF THE R UPGRADE ONCE YOU HIT LVL16**** ) RENGAR LEAP DOES ONLY SCALE USING HIS KIT.NO OTHER BONUS OUTSIDE it will INCREASE IT'S LEAP RANGE Bonetooth first stack does give bonus leap range (nothing much to explain here) Q-Same as old Q but it's unable to crit and you only gain BONUS AD and not BONUS ATSP (Reasons behind these changes is to discourage more tanky/bruiser Rengar playstyle which abuse the free atsp as a free dmg steroid) Now into the Trophy system stack for empQ > Rengar Q can crit(only the basic attack portion).The CRIT DMG is modified like yasuo aka less % dmg from crits (This does solve the problem around critgar while still keeping him.If you take Ninja tabis+Rand Omen which does reduce the crit dmg you take by -20% it can def give rooms for players to survive the 1shot combos) Or the using of Steark/GA/ DD (this is an important item for adc to counter rengar and it shall later be explained as why below) W-Rengar roars and challenges the nearest(or you can point&click one target that shall be affected by the roar additional effects aside the dmg) After it's finished rengar gets healed based on the dmg he dealed(the bonus scales with bonus AD) He also gets a % increase dmg towards that target in case he wins the brawl.(If the %dmg increase proves to be to much we can completely remove it) CD is something like Fiora's W cd BUT it's cd gets reduced if you use it on jungle monsters TL:DR Think of the W like this: aoe roar>Mark, Attack, /end of mark/ -> heal from % of dmg dealt EMPW > IF Rengar deals an X amount of dmg towards that target.He gets the cc immunity effect Now on the reason as why I did mention DD(death dance)before as a way to counter it for squishy targets. DD mitigates dmg aka less burst taken from a bursty type champion.So it's really simple get dd>rengar will deal less dmg aka ->Rengar shall heal less from his W E-Same as current bola but here are the changes to the empE > Gives him the ability to leap towards that target. NOTE:For balance purposes it can only works towards champs and epic monsters.Even though rengar isn't supposed to be a team fighter he can at least have tools to followup and also some spicy jumps for dragon/baron steals&escapes) R- Less notification radius compering to the live server ULT(the number changes is really low not something big to make it sound like I am making the notification radius way to small )also we remove the free crit from it EMPR(this is a permanent effect aka you will not have like to get ferocity and then cast R to gain the empower effect) > Rengar gets bonus ms while walking towards the marked target and once he hits lvl16 he gains the old maphack back I am going to be honest Rengar ULT itself is a pain in the ass to be balanced. If I could make a change to Rengar kit as a whole I prob would've picked to just give him a new ultimate so he can finally be balanced out. But doing that to the Rengar mains community is like removing a core spell to "popular" champions like Riven passive/Yasuo's dash/Lee wardhop etc etc This version of the ult takes both good and bad worlds from both the worlds. It gives less notification radius plus gives rengar the smooth gameplay being able to jump again like it used to and during the later stages of the game in which you finally get to use your 5th stack this no longers makes it to feel as "Thrill of Zoning" post lategame stage while still maintaining the threshold to give the time that the prey needs to escape
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