Duskblade Rework Idea

## https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/9/9f/Duskblade_of_Draktharr_item.png/revision/latest?cb=20171221063541 **Duskblade of Draktharr** > {{item:3134}} (1100) + {{item:3133}} (1100) + 500 Gold Total 2700 Gold > +55 Attack Damage +10% Cooldown Reduction > **UNIQUE Passive:** +18 Lethality > **UNIQUE Passive - Nightsweeper:** When spotted by an enemy ward, you will be notified. > **UNIQUE Active - Blackout:** Reveal traps and disable wards around you for 8 seconds. Melee attacks instantly kill these devices. (90 second cooldown). I'm personally not a fan of the anti-vision mechanic myself, because it sometimes negates a laner's only defense against a jungle gank. But I still reworked the item based on that mechanic, because the vision component of Duskblade is more unique than free damage (the lethality passive is already a damage booster). To accommodate the lack of burst damage, I lowered the total cost from 2900 gold to 2700. This version of Duskblade expands on the warning mechanic that the enemy team has vision of you, but to negate it requires effort. With this item, the anti-vision mechanic is just a niche for players who like to surprise the enemy team, although taking it also indirectly makes the enemy laner safer if they are better with wards (since the warning might prevent a gank altogether). This is where the counterplay comes in, since a player who is good with ward map control can still outplay someone with Duskblade. Basically, this version of Duskblade rewards players who are good at outplaying vision, or punishes players who aren't as good with wards.
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