Preseason Changes Discussion/Worry's Riot Pls First i'd like to say this. Thank you for the changed to the Summoner's Rift Map, i know not everyone is going to like it and it's going to cause a bit of frustration with a lot of Older player's but i for one like this change because let's be honest Summoner's Rift was getting a bit old. Second, thank you for removing Spear of Shojin, i hate that item. Now for the bad parts. Why would you Decrease jungle EXP again? At the beginning of the season you decreased Jungle EXP significantly, for me as an Evelynn player this makes me hit level 6 anywhere from 1-2 minutes later than usual which also makes it harder for me to compete against Early game Bruiser jungler's(Which is part of the reason they're so strong and have been all season.) i really don't like this change, i like that i can get level 3 off of Gromp+Wolves+Buff but i hate that i'm probably going to be 2 levels behind everyone all game with Less Gold to boot. I predict were going to have another season of Tank and Level 6 jungler's being shafted in favor of Bruiser's and Early game jungler's because of this change alone. Why would you make more Lethality Items? They didn't necessarily need more Lethality items, there wasn't really a problem with Build Diversity in AD champions because all AD champions have access to items like Deaths Dance, Bloodthirster, Mercurial Scimitar, Black Clever and for most of the AD Assassins this includes access to Hydra Items and Steraks Gage. It feels completely unnecessary and don't forget that the only reason Talon, Zed and Qiyana don't build more Lethality is because there isn't any more to build. If these new lethality items grant AD assassins access to 80+ Armor Shred it doesn't matter how much Armor a squishy ADC or Mage builds, the AD Assassin is going to do far too much damage. If you were to make a limit to Lethality available then sure but i doubt that. To add to the inclusion of new Lethality items, AP Assassins and Mages have always been sorely lacking in Items that aid them in what they do, instead they both build very similar items and usually the only difference between a Mage and Assassin is the inclusion of the occasional Lich Bane or Gunblade. Not to mention that Lich Bane and Gunblade do not offer the same amount of Utility and Scaling that Ghost Blade, Duskblade and Edge of Night do. Sure it get's the job done but AP Assassins lack a lot of the Utility and "Help" with getting to their targets that AD assassins do have. To add even further we were promised AP Bruiser itemization and that somehow resulted in more AD Items when it definitely was not necessary. Like, we as player's want a decrease in Burst Damage, longer game's and more impact when playing Tanks and Support's but instead your reducing jungle EXP so level 6 Tank and AP jungler's can't compete, giving more AD Items to AD Assassins that will almost certainly get abused by other AD Champions while also making those AD Assassins even more bursty so games end even earlier. I'm disappointed, these changes will just result in another season of one shot's with added flare of occasional map changes and one sided games.

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