New House Mission Finishers Trigger Epilepsy

Hey everyone, I have photosensitive epilepsy and play League of Legends. Only a few things in the game are actually an issue for me and most can be avoided, like banning Lucian or Lux, so I can have a safe game. _However_, the new kill/death animations for the house missions–those big strobey house logos that pop up over a champion you kill– are a huge issue for photosensitive epilepsy and cannot be turned off nor the effects turned down. I understand that epileptics are in the minority for those who play the game, but League has brought me a lot of joy these past few years and it's heartbreaking that Riot doesn't take epilepsy seriously when developing and designing new game mechanics. Riot, please, **create a toggle off function for house animation finishers** so epileptics can stay safe. Thanks for your time —————————————————————— **EDIT**: Hey everyone, before I get started. Wow. This post kind of blew up during my day of medical appointments. Thanks for everyone who responded, Rioters included. I just want to say that I understand Riot's reasoning for launching this new animation w/o a toggle vs not launching it at all. I studied multimedia design and basic game design in college before I got sick and understand the basics. Timelines get crunched and some things fall off importance wise. I'm not asking for the animation to be removed. It's a cool effect and honestly, if it didn't cause photosensitive issues, I'd be super stoked for them. It is a shame that the game has an option for colorblind mode but not photosensitivity. But that likely comes not from malice, but from not knowing what exactly triggers epilepsy or how to go about creating that feature vs colorblind really being open and shut as to its effects. I only became epileptic a year after I started playing this game, and that's when I realized only roughly 10 things in this game messed with me. My doctor is aware I play and he's also aware of how much joy this game brings me, especially as my health has gotten worse (outside of epilepsy), and has just told me to be as safe as possible. Ultimately, anyone with photosensitive epilepsy plays video games at their own risk. I have submitted support tickets about how to go about addressing the specific graphic parts of the game that could be adjusted in order to be safer for photosensitive people (like for a photosensitive mode or toggle). Ultimately, I was told that it has been brought up to devs before and that they unfortunately don't care or see it as a priority. Hopefully they forwarded my ticket to the right people, but it's super easy for something like this to just be forgotten about or swept under the rug in lieu of more content that promotes the game, skins, events, etc. I would love to see photosensitivity thought of more in the future for people like me who love and support this game and I'm willing to help if there are any questions regarding how Riot could possibly do that. If needed, I can share my support ticket where I go in depth about opacity of spell effects and color variations or quick adjustments. Thanks for everyone's time.
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