Riot, who's Responsible for the Delay of Clash Release? Punish Him or Her.

Hey, you Sir or Mam. The person who's responsible for the whole Clash scheme. You and a few who are in charge of this should come forward. Yes, please. Since the announcement of this ULTIMATE COMPETITIVE LEAGUE OF LEGEND EXPERIENCE PROMISED, I have been tormented. I have been tormented by you and your group for at least a YEAR NOW! a YEAR! What's the problem? Do you really have to release this on EVERY server? Do you really have to make this PERFECT? COULD YOU JUST RELEASE IT AS IT IS? What is the failure rate like? I would say if 950 of 1000 people experience no problem. That's a go sign. If the failure rate is below 5 % just fucking GO ALREADY. What is your standard? What is fucking going on? Why is the PBE EU test delayed for a few months? What's the problem? I played Clash in NA and KR and had no problem in both regions. What's the matter? Are you abandoning this promised ultimate competitive experience? Do I really have to beg for Clash to be released? Why do you treat us like this? I am very sad and I feel very impatient now. I want the group responsible for development of Clash come forward. Tell us why...
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