Tips on how to view teammates less harshly thus tilt less as a player.

1. Remember what its like every time you had to lane when there's some one who clearly is better then you. Rather then assume a players intentionally garbage trolls (those guys tend to be very clear by running it down and wont shut up in chat with toxic comments about how little they care and how much they hope you enjoy the loss they are giving you. Just chuckle at the low maturity and report them. Also mute if it bugs you.) treat them like they are just outclassed. My Tops not a shit player, their enemy is just clearly better then them. 2 bad players would both more or less be bad and the lane wouldn't be an issue. When there's a gap thou... its a problem, especially when folks know how to snowball it. 2. Understand that relying on a player whos skill you think is low is a mistake you make. Im HELLA guilty of this. Go in counting on some one to land the CC skillshot I need... when they have whiffed that ability pretty much every single time. Yes it fking sucks they cant hit their skill but I already have seen them do this multiple times... and so my expectation should be that if I make a play they wont be an impact in it. Treat them playing well as a pleasant bonus not an expectation. Putting faith in some one who all evidence you have says you should not?Is on you.Because your going in making a play that's doomed to fail. Easy solution, Don't make that play, its a bad play. If your the one forcing that your the one making the mistake. Counter intuitive but you lower the # of weak moves **you **make by doing this by removing them as a factor. Self reliance is a key to climbing, In my opinion. If you expect to climb you should realistically expect players on your team and enemy team to be below your level of skill. If your right or wrong that should show up in your win%. The above are Attitudes I adopted from the impact duoqueing with friends with high MMR gap between accounts creates. Hopefully some one finds this useful. Shameless plug. Yo Riot, Duo should be off MMR ranges not Tiers, I really think its making more mismatches then its worth for players.
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