Since Season 6 this game is just not about individual skill anymore. Your skill doesnt matter at all

Its so sad that even if you go 10/0 in lane, but your whole team is turbo inting, you will lose the game. Even when youre smurfing. Nothing you can do. Ive watched Dopa lose 3 games in a row in silver, only because his teammates were inting. Nothing you can do. Even Faker complained about the current meta, wich he usually never does. There is no "carrying" anymore, in fact, if your whole team is feeding, and you are the only one doing something usefull, you cant even risk anything anymore because of that insanely stupid shutdown gold, so when you die, you give the enemies even more gold so that they can stomp your team even harder. And if you roam around trying to help, it still doesnt matter when your team is just inting all day long from the first minute on. Its all luck based. You can still climb, but your influence has become so low that skill doesnt matter anymore. What a trash game.
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