Yo, can we like, make Iceborn Gauntlet melee only? Only way it's ever healthy.

Literally the only people that can use it that are ranged champions use it in a pretty much abuse-case way (Ezreal kiting forever..Viktor top kiting forever..Even Karma top did it at one point). It was even nerfed because of ranged champs abusing it several patches/season ago (it used to do 125% damage). There's absolutely no reason that it was nerfed/changed cause of melee champs. Ezreal becomes even safer because he has added armor ontop of his playstyle (which is literally not needing to get close whatsoever to deal a metric ton of damage over-time) and it compounds with his Manamune/Archangel's to give him extra damage. Infact, since his W change, he has an even higher burst with this safety. Ontop of that, since it creates a slowfield and does some aoe damage, it allows him to kite even easier. Oh, and lastly, it comes with a free 20% CDR (but this is ok since it would be replaced by Triforce's 20% CDR). Viktor top is just AIDS for most toplane champions, assuming people still do it. Karma tanky top I haven't seen lately, but I recall it being pretty annoying too back when Frostborn had 125% damage and a static radius (from what I heard in forums and such).

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