i hate how league evolves around choosing the strongest right clicker to decide who wins

whats the point in choosing a slightly weaker right clicker with lower range when you can choose a stronger right clicker with longer range? its the ONLY role where "why choose this when this exists" it never used to be like this in any role, almost everything had its strengths at meaningful times. why does sivir/lucian have laughably low range that u cant even AA the enemy under their turret without getting turret agro? u cant even attack the furthest enemy away in a J4 ult. why was graves reworked into a jungler when he was the answer to lategame champs as an ADC and then completely gut lucian cause he is a jack of all trades compared to graves being designed to blow peoples brains over the ceiling? just GUT {{champion:29}} {{champion:96}} and make sure {{champion:67}} {{champion:18}} dont overperform in lane. i dont like how tris can jump twice in 4 seconds without a kill/assist reset and i dont like how vayne spikes at 1 item. all other adc's seem to be fine kinda but just hope these 2 dont become meta {{champion:429}} {{champion:119}} . i couldnt give a shit if {{champion:81}} is meta cause hes just an annoying bastard and safe, he doesnt completely outshine everyone. also give us the old {{champion:104}} not a very well written post cause i cant be bothered with it.
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