Zoe - is NOT the benchmark for what a mage should be...

{{champion:142}} - is one of the WORST designed champions in League. (Incoming downvotes... but read on anyway) An example of why Riot should fire the creator of {{champion:157}}. He obviously does not understand mages at all. Her kit is a total powercreep, giving her mobility equal to that of {{champion:7}}, with a BETTER {{champion:99}} passive. It seems that this guy just looked at other mages and borrowed parts of each, power creeped them and then combined them to create Zoe. Now, when any changes are proposed to help struggling AP immobile mages such as {{champion:161}}, {{champion:101}} and even {{champion:127}} (She is not mobile because her E cooldown is massive compared to most modern champions), people get scared that such changes to AP items will make {{champion:142}} more uncontrollable and they are totally RIGHT to fear that. This is the reason why AP Mages cannot really be saved at the moment in League or made viable BECAUSE of {{champion:142}} and her badly designed, power creeped kit. She either needs to be removed or reworked to make her far far less powerful but she should NOT be the modern benchmark for any of Riot's next mage designs because she is just NOT a mage. She is an assassin disguised as a Mage, in the same way that {{champion:555}} will NEVER be a support, he's an assassin pretending to be a support. Riot have completely forgotten what attracts people to different roles in the first place. People do not play support champions because they like to have massive damage without an ADC, some of us like to protect and help our teammates. I feel Riot has really lost touch with their own game.
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